About Us

I'm a mother of a lovely 6 years old boy and another one baby is coming just after a few months. We live in small country Bulgaria placed in eastern Europe. The town we and my family live in is located on the Black Sea cost. It is very peaceful place with friendly people perfect for raising children and for those who like to be away from the noise of big cities.

I'm been in love in sewing and design since I was very little girl. I remember the time standing next to my grand watching her sewing and dreaming of my own sewing studio one day. And finally after many years in 2009 this day become thru. I was able to open for first time my own small sewing studio called "LittleBunga".

At the very beginning I started to work with the intention to satisfy the needs of Bulgarian young mothers by offering them products that are hard to find on the local market at affordable prices, such as baby ring slings, nursing covers, nursing scarfs, baby bibs and more.

Gradually I expanded my products with party accessories such as decorative cuffs, personalized ties, party sashes, decorative collars which became one of my favorite accessories. And thanks to Etsy slowly, slowly I started to show to the world my work. Now I have customers almost  all over the world.