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Sling with rings is a piece of cloth that slings over one shoulder and the opposite thigh and tightens using rings. It Can be worn over the left as well as the right shoulder, and the baby can be lying, standing or sitting in front - on the hip of the parent or their back - depending on the kid's age and any specific preferences. The baby is placed easily and his/her position can be changed in motion. You can quickly, easily and with discretion nurse your baby at a public place or put him/her to sleep while doing your chores. The sling Can be used from birth to 2-3 years of age or up to 35lbs.

This sling is double layered(worn on both sides, allowing you to get 2 products for the price of one). All our slings are hand made from 100% high quality cotton . We use only  certificated aluminium rings specifically designed for making baby slings. 

Measurements:  80 "x 27" one size fits most. Upon request we can make a sling in sizes other than those specified.

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